Medical Supplies
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Laboratory Merchandise

Laboratory Merchandise Description:

In order to keep your Lab running at it's best, you need the right tools, disposables, and testing kits.
Vessel Medical offers a wide range of laboratory supplies from beakers to filters to measures, to test kits to test strips and slide covers.
Our testing kits cover everything from the A and B influenza test kits, to the Strep A test kits, to the Mono Test kits, even to the HIV test kits.
Analyzers Beakers Bottles/Jars/Flasks
Filters Funnels/Sieves General
Liquid Handling Measures Petri Dishes
Plates/Disks/Culture Media Reagents/Solutions Slides/Cover Glass
Specimen Collection Stoppers/Corks Test Kits
Test Strips Tubing/Connectors Vials