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Discount Medical Supplies Thinking of renovating that exam room, or opening another office? Starting a new practice can be a time consuming and very complex process. There are literally hundreds of items to take into account. From exam tables to the newest hi-tech monitors to that little jar that hold the cotton balls, Vessel Medical's highly trained consultants will work with you to create a medical office layout and equipment setup that maximizes efficiency and comfort for both staff and patients
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  • Blood tubes, sodium citrate, blue top tube, BD backorder
    13 x 75 mm, 2.7 mL BD Vacutainer Plus plastic citrate tube. Lt. blue BD Hemogard closure. Paper label. Additive: 0.109 Molar / 3.2% Sodium citrate. 100/bx, 18 bx/cs
  • metrex
    BULLET BUY 10 canisters of featured CaviWipes™, CaviWipes1™, or CaviWipes™ AF (no mix and match) – GET 2 canisters (of same) FREE.
      CaviWipes™ Surface Disinfectant
    13-1100 160/can, 12 can/cs
    13-1150 XL, 65/can, 12/cs
    CaviWipes1™ Surface Disinfectant
    13-5100 160/can, 12 can/cs
    13-5150 XL, 65/can, 12/cs
    CaviWipes™ AF Surface Disinfectant
    13-8100 80/can, 12/cs
  • crosstex
    BULLET BUY 3 gallons of SANI ProZyme® Enzymatic Detergent – GET 1 gallon FREE.
    BULLET BUY 3 gallons of RAPICIDE® OPA/28 High-Level Disinfectant – GET 1 gallon FREE.
    BULLET BUY 1 box of Crosstex Face Shields (no mix & match) – GET 1 box (of same) FREE.
    Featured Products
    JED   SANI ProZyme®, 1 Gallon, 4/cs
    ML02-0127   RAPICIDE®, 1 Gallon, 4/cs
    GCSS   Face Shields, 7.5”, Clear, 24/bx
    GCSS9   Face Shields, 9”, Clear, 18/bx
  • bovie
      Kick off your new year with a deal from Bovie Medical!
    BULLET BUY a Specialist|PRO & Smoke Shark II – GET a remote activation switch FREE.
    BULLET BUY a Surgi-Center|PRO & Smoke Shark II – GET a remote activation switch FREE.
    Specialist | PRO
    A1250 120 Watts of Power
    Surgi-Center | PRO
    A2350 200 Watts of power
    Smoke Shark II Smoke Evacuator
    SE02 35-Hour Filter, 100-120V
  • Integra Miltex
    BULLET BUY $500 in Integra Miltex products (single invoice) – Pick 2 of the following items FREE:
      5-304 Iris Scissors, Straight;
    5-306 Iris Scissors Curved;
    6-118 Adson Forceps, Serrated;
    6-120 Adson Forceps, 1 x 2
  • Duracell batteries
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It's not too late to get the end of the year flu vaccines! Call today, as supplies are extrememly limited. It's the time to start planning for the 2018-2019 flu season and pre-book your flu vaccine orders today. Expected shipping for the 2018-2019 flu vaccine should begin in late August thru October.
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Just wanted to let you know we are now taking Prebook orders NOW!

Why choose Vessel Medical for all your medical supply needs?

Our goal at Vessel Medical is to provide our customers with a large selection of medical supplies, medical equipment, and discount medical supplies. During flu season, if your office is looking to buy flu vaccine, our Flu Vaccine Center is there to help make ordering your flu vaccine a simple and easy process. Please call us at 1-866-451-6337 to buy flu vaccine today.

With one of the largest catalogs of medical, surgical, and diagnostic supplies online, Vessel Medical can ensure that your medical facility will have all the necessary medical supplies, medical equipment, medical test kits ranging from flu test kits to strep test kits to HIV test kits, and medical exam room furniture, such as diagnostic lights and exam tables, to maintain your medical office to the highest of health, comfort, and safety standards for your patients.

Why buy your Flu Vaccine from Vessel Medical?

At Vessel Medical, we work closely with the manufacturers to distribute wholesale flu vaccine to as many providers as possible, particularly those who serve high-risk patients and their families.
The flu vaccine is available in two forms. The flu-shot, which is an inactivated vaccine containing "killed" viruses, and injected with a needle comes in either a multi-dose vial, a single does vial, or a pre-filled syringe. Flu shots are approved for anyone over 6 months of age.
A second option is the nasal-spray vaccine (FluMist), which is made with living, weakened flu viruses, which do not cause the flu. This vaccine is approved for healthy people, aged 2-49, as long as they are not pregnant.

Buying Adult Flu Vaccine?

Vessel Medical offers several different flu vaccines that are rated for use with adults. The GSK Flulaval is rated for adults 18 years and older and is the most ecconomical flu vaccine for the season. Merck Afluria is also rated for 18 years +, but the manufacturers do not make much of it, so it sells out very quickly. Do not be fooled by the flu vaccines offered by Novartis and Sanofi Pasteur. Novartis Fluvirin is rated for 4 years and up which will cover any adult of age, as well as Sanofi's Fluzone being rated for 6 months + and their 36 months +. While most will push these two for the Pediactric fields, they work just as well for the adults. The Flumist can be administered to anyoen between the ages of 2 to 49.

Buying Pediactric Flu Vaccine?

Vessel Medical offers many pediactric versions of the flu vaccine you can buy. Sanofi's Fluzone comes in a pediactric dose good for ages 6-35 months which is preservative free. The other Fluzone versions we carry can be used for ages 6 months and older and 36 months and older. Novartis Fluvirin can be used for children 4 years and older. Many parents choose the nasal spray flu vaccine, as there is less discomfort for the child.